Dale Miller, Acoustic Guitarist
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Contemporary Ragtime Guitar
Cover of Contemporary Ragtime Guitar LP

Miller made his recording debut in the early 1970s on this LP, the seventh released by Kicking Mule Records. It's surprising success helped define the company as a label that specialized in guitar soloists.

It has been re-released on CD by Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop. Click here to order from SGGW or to learn more. The CD is also available on Rhapsody, Amazon, iTunes and other sites.

Joining Miller on this LP are Eric Schoenberg, David Laibman, Tony Marcus, Leo Wijnkamp and Tom Gilfellon. Miller re-recorded his arrangement of Bye Bye Blackbird on his CD Both of Me.

". . . although the guitar may seem too limited to accommodate all the intricacies of a music developed on the piano, these musicians not only succeeded through inventiveness and determination, they also managed to breathe new life into the genre." - David Ricker - All About Jazz

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