Dale Miller, Acoustic Guitarist
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photo of Miller's hands playing Miller plays in a three finger style (thumb, index and middle) but will use the other fingers on his right hand for certain flamenco inspired techniques. He uses no picks, though he used a thumb pick until the 1990s. He does not anchor any finger on the face of the guitar but will occasionally move the base of his hand down to rest on the bridge, especially on National instruments.

Miller employs a fairly soft attack and uses light gauge bronze strings on all his acoustic instruments. For slide playing he uses a thick Ceramic or glass slide (with no curvature) on his pinky. He keeps the action quite low on his wooden instruments (used for straight playing).

Miller plays regularly in standard, Open D, Open G and Open C Tunings. He will occasionally experiment with slightly more exotic tunings. He often uses a capo. Occasionally he will capo only the first five strings at the second fret or the first four strings at the fourth fret. In both these instances he usually plays in the concert key of E.

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